Prosthetic Jaw Girl Dream

I had a dream where a baby girl was born with a debilitating condition of some kind. Tubes filtering yellow liquid ran in and out of the a clean, white, technological mass that encompassed the child from stomach on up to covering her mouth. She looked out at me and somehow I knew she had no lower jaw.
My dream shifted in time and there she sat silhouetted against a bright window, barely hiding her identity. She was a pretty Indian girl of thirteen now: her hair, pulled back in a braid and the slight red dot on her forehead. She had a prosthetic lower jaw: smooth, sleek,  blue carbon fiber. It attached to a device hidden within her mouth: a shadow and gleam of something foreign. The jaw moved in accordance with her voice perfectly and another prosthetic device was overplayed on top of the jaw to simulate lips. Something was strange about her voice... I think I was interviewing her. Her voice was being simulated too by whatever was hidden in her mouth, behind that jaw.

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