Geek Love Final

2D Animation Thesis 2013 -
Based on the characters of Katherine Dunn's novel, GeekLove (1989).

Soundtrack is a chopped and echoed version of Motherhood by Alexandre Desplat created using Adobe Audition. I separated it's high's and lows and adjusted them accordingly. All sound effects from http://www.freesound.org

Characters sketched from 8x5'' sketchbook, scanned, then inked and refined in Flash, exported to Photoshop for coloring (HQ bitmap images), and animated in After Effects. This "HQ" 1920p version is actually scaled down from my 8K composite which is half of the original 16K project I was working from which couldn't render that high due to After Effects limitations. Lesson learned: Higher resolution can be redundant. From now on 8K limit for large projects of this complexity. Also, Flash is pretty horrible these days for vector inking. I'll be saving for TVPaint Pro instead or use Manga studio.

Project was rendered out without multiprocessing checked because I kept coming up with errors (it still used multiple cores although). I also used BGRenderer to get multiple renders going at once. Nothing here is recommended unless you have at least 32 GB of RAM.

I wonder if things would have been speedier using Nuke to composite some things instead...

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