The Paramedic as Artist. The Artist as a Flawed God.

Saving someone's life is like falling in love. The best drug in the world. For days, sometimes weeks afterwards, you walk the streets, making infinite whatever you see. Once, for a few weeks, I couldn't feel the earth - everything I touched became lighter. Horns played in my shoes. Flowers fell from my pockets. You wonder if you've become immortal, as if you've saved your own life as well. God has passed through you. Why deny it, that for a moment there - why deny that for a moment there, God was you?
- Frank Pierce, Bringing Out the Dead

When you create something, you grow, you move, you dance. Senses heightened. A vision is being fulfilled, brought into this world of the real from somewhere else. What has happened? You dare to even question your own abilities. Did that come from me? It feels as though you "channeled" a force and it has spiritually nurtured you. Euphoria, love, and salvation envelopes you.

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