Thoughts On Siblings

Recently thought what it would be like to have siblings. Practically everyone I've known has a brother or sister. Growing up with someone so close seems foreign for me.

Daisy Hilton and Violet Hilton were a pair of beautiful conjoined twins from a bygone era. When they were born, their mother didn't want them so she sold them to the midwife and her husband. To the midwife, the twins meant a gold mine of possibilities and she immediately set them about learning all sorts of entertainment: piano, saxophone, singing, dancing, and the list goes on. But all was not right, for the poor twins were under lock and key by their "Aunty" as they were told to call the midwife. They lost their childhood to the stage and were poor until they met with a lawyer privately, away from Aunty's son (which by now "owned" them) and put forth a case. They got back the money that was owed to them and freed themselves of their "managers."
You might've seen the girls in Tod Browning's Freaks.
When questioned about whether it was difficult being conjoined (lack of privacy, etc.), they responded that they couldn't see life without being conjoined. The understanding was clearly relative.

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