ASIFA Animation Development Meeting

It was quite an interesting night yesterday. David B. Levy got together an amazing panel to talking about pitching and developing animation projects. Let's put together Carl W. Adams (director and cofounder of Clambake Animation), Janice Burgess (one of the creators of the beautiful CGI Nick Jr. show, Backyardigans), Fran Krause (super RISD alumi awesome indie animator extraordinaire), and Amin Amidi (animation historian and author of Cartoon Modern and cocreator of Cartoon Brew) and a some other awesome professionals including a special appearance by John R. Dilworth (creator of Courage the Cowardly Dog) and you're bound to have one hell of a session.
Without going into describing the whole night, there seemed to be a conflict over following demographics and execs vs. following what the artist's true intentions were. Commercialism vs. Artistic vision. At least this is what I picked up on. My favorite part was when Amin was talking about a book he was doing on John Kricfalusi (Ren and Stimpy). After Ren and Stimpy was screened to kids, most of the audience marked it poorly. John wondered if they were gonna pull the plug but the reply was no. Why? The simple fact that the kids had laughed the most out of all the other animations screened previously. They loved it because it was funny and pure! Hell, right about then I started to clap. I think John R. Dilworth did the same.
Although I love the fervor of artistic vision and independence, it is a touchy subject and involves psychology about life's imitation and influence by it. That discussion is reserved for statistics and textbooks of study, but it still remains a largely subjective matter.
I grew up with Ren and Stimpy. It played a part in what I respect in 2D American animation and has influenced the evolution of my own artistic sensibilities.


Ian said...

It sounded like an interesting lecture. Too bad I missed it.

Brian Elig said...

Andrew was there. You should definitely join, or just come to the meetings!

Ian said...

Yea that sounds like a good idea. When are the meetings usually?