Animation Block Party is the Bee's Knees!

I saw some incredible stuff today

Everything was a fav of mine.
Kirsten Lepore's was a particular favorite of mine. After watching it I wondered what cupcake and squash babies would look like.

Rebecca Sugar's Singles wuz there:
Sorry, but I can't find her short, Singles, online yet. It's the Shimmy to the Shammy on the Tightrope of the Real Right Now comin' outta SVA.
Absolutely amzin stuff all 'round. Why I'm so psyched I'm gonna start on a short right now, um something inspired by my good pal Justin Wolfson (http://www.sparkletoast.com), a regular lyric genius in his own right, why just check out some of what he came up with on the train home:
(Sung to the tune of "Smooth Criminal" by MJ)
Eddie do you want cake?
Will you tell us if you want cake Eddie?
You shouldn't bit into an eclair if you don't care.
So try a pastry.
(magawaga, blah blah haven't thought it up yet)
You've been fed by, you'll get fat by a smooth bakery.
There's more, but still, that's pretty good stuff.

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