Rhonda looks Incredible!

I believe Rhonda serves as another tool to help simplify the way we view and create 3d on a computer: organically. It reminds me of building things out of NURBs: making their isoparms and curves and lathing and stitching them together. There are others like it:
FiberMesh: http://www.cg.tu-berlin.de/menue/forschung/projekte/fibermesh
ShapeShop: http://www.shapeshop3d.com
T.E.D.D.Y.: http://www-ui.is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~takeo/teddy/teddy.htm
Sketchup: http://sketchup.google.com
Cornell's Sketch Doohicky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoEK0z6Qb0I

Nothing even remotely complex ('cept Sketchup probably), but that could be a good thing depending on the finished product, aka if you what more stylization. This rhonda app provides some more "breathing room" for 3d CG's very clean world (at least from my opinion). Combined with automatic rigging: http://www.mit.edu/%7Eibaran/autorig/index.html the playing field of 3d knowledge and technique can be brought down a couple of notches. All too often I feel disappointed that I can't bring my 2D creations into 3D fast enough, so it seems nice to draw wireframe silhouettes that can be fleshed out into 3d automatically and utilize a simple stick figure for the rig without having to worry about, well... organization really.

It has a gimmicky quality because the app was made originally for the
benefit of one tech head and his buddies.(Andrew Jones is similar with his alchemy creation: http://al.chemy.org
What makes it so attractive initially is it's real time rendering and how sped up the
video is too. But it seems nicely refined and could be potentially
brought into other 3d apps as an additional tool or capability of an
existing tool.


Ian said...

Wow this looks amazing! How did you find out about this?

Brian Elig said...

Waxy's Links Miniblog is nice.
There's tons more where that came from.