New Iron Autopsy Graphics

Been very busy last month. Iron Autopsy is an HD show, therefore 16:9 and these graphics have to have a letterbox to accommodate Google/Blogger's video viewer thing.
Graphic depicting the difference between weathered and galvanized steel.
1. Movement Test

2. Shading Test

3. Final (was actually broken into two parts for the editor)

Graphic depicting how rainwater is collected on the Hearst Building's roof and then stored in a tank in the basement for the building's internal use.
1. Extended

2. Shortened

Graphic depicting where the host of the show is on the 9th floor of the Hearst Building.

Graphic depicting moving through the stoplights of 8th Avenue. (used some tricks from the Grid show which seems to have fallen through)

Graphic depicting the Roosevelt Tram movement from Manhattan side.

Graphic depicting how the Roosevelt Tram moves into Roosevelt Island side and transitions into graphic of motor that drives the Tram. (went onsite to get reference, very interesting stuff, too bad they're taking it down)

Graphic depicting the pouring ofcement into a metal beam of the Hearst building. Didn't get to improve shading on this graphic unfortunately.
1. Movement Test

2. Shading Test (ended up being final)

Graphic depicting the main lines of Metro-North and how they lead to Grand Central. (and visa versa)

Depth photo depicting the old Hearst Building before it's additional constructions.

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