David Petersen and Eric Powell are My Heros

David Petersen and Eric Powell are two awesome guys who started out self-publishing their work and made it. They've succeeded in getting their ideas and work out there and serve as role-models for the artist I hope to be, and with determination I believe I can be. David gave me the best advice I've heard in a long time today at the New York Comic Con and I'm very happy. I shouldn't quit my day-job, but I should be making time for what matters to me most, my stories, and of course, illustrating them (aka get a book finished NOW I WANTTOSEEITINFRONTOFME).
You can hold onto something for a lifetime because you're afraid of what other people would think, haunted, or you can move forward and give up the ghosts.

I think about Jeff Smith and Dave Sim. I think about Geoff Darrow and Guy Davis. I think about Ian Edginton and D'Israeli (Matt Brooker). I think about Mobius...Blacksad...Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot... Sam and Max... The Nevermen...
I wish I could say I have some favorite female artists but I'm not as well read as I would want to be...

At a Dos and Don'ts for Professionals panel they mentioned that animation provided a steady paycheck and maybe a blip in the credits. Comics don't have a steady paycheck, but sometimes rock-star fame. These are generalizations, but I can understand them in certain environments: to large animation houses or superhero comics that drink artists like water and the indie animation festivals who show artist-created shorts and small-time presses that cater to self-publishers.

Okay, enough spiel.

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