Headrush: Early Preliminary Graphics

These were relatively easy to work out because most motion graphics are like these: moving lines and frames. Simple geometry working together to separate the composition.
And then remember to stay within Action Safety and Title Safety Boundaries. Watch out for logo bugs from the network (usually lower corners). Create for NTSC aspect ratios (.9 = our wonderful stretched pixels) unless specified that it will be produced for true HD (square pixels). This is the real nut-cracker though: US television frame rates are still stuck at 29.97fps as opposed to Europe's superior PAL frame rate which is closer to that of film. Rules, rules, rules!

About the technique: All paths in After Effects have little effects unique to them only. They can be animated thus. The "trim path," the "rounded corners," and "the repeater" are my friends in the following path animations.
Lower Third Score Card

Double Framing Element (when there's two interviews onscreen)

Single Frame

Winning Frame

Lower Third


Lower Third Counter

With more tweaking and additional effects and presets, you can expand upon your animated paths to make them more 3D-looking.

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