Getting There...

First half done by me and the last half, crowds and logo animation by Heather MacDonald. Using a particular tutorial I found and silhouette footage from a stock company, we designed a set based on my storyboards. Basically, we have a pancake of particles on a sheet of paper. We can stretch it on the Z and X to flatten it as we see fit. Each particle is replaced by a composition composed of the silhouette people dancing. Right now, we're using low quality placement holders but we'll upres it soon. I'm making sure the entire project is 1280x720p because we don't have equipment to process 1920x1280 at a less tedious rate (it can bog down things significantly). Its a very large file and Heather must work on perfecting the animation of the camera around the crowd all the while maintaining a streamlined document so she renders definitive precomps (comps that no longer need tweaking) and adds them in as HQ movies with alphas and then turning off the definitive precomps.
Storyboards I also worked on:

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