Mac Book Pro Like Brand New!

Had some trouble with my Mac Book Pro a while ago. The Superdrive was slowly deteriorating, the chasis had some marks and the monitor had some spots. Thanks to Applecare, I got a new drive, a replacement for the monitor and a new chasis and it looks like brand new. Great service, but then again, it could be because I went to the mac store on 5th and 59th.
I've been debating recently whether my next computer should be a pc or a mac because of my growing interest in 3d. Then again, I can always use Bootcamp if I do get a mac.

Things have been a bit slow due to research into how to create flowing lava/molten metal for an upcoming show intro. Maya's particle system doesn't seem to provide what I need. Fluids, blobby particles and experimental nCloth fluids don't provide me with what I need so I've been using a program recommended to me a while ago by my teacher, Nick Jainschigg: Realflow. There's an awful lot and I might just end up combining them all.

Saw the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens last Saturday. Beautiful. Wish I had someone to share it with.

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