Happy day! I finally got my website onto a decent host, complete with my own domain name! Check out www.brianelig.com for all the coolness. Soon, I'll have a new revamped version, hopefully done to the aid of CSS or more (wouldn't we all love to learn AJAX???) Anyway, I have Professional Practice with Paul Olson (http://olsonpaintings.com) this semester and we're doing another Bells and Whistles assignment for Plansponsor (gotta love that mag, the art direction is fantastic, hehehe). Anyway, here are my 3 cents:

Paul chose the berds piece but Soojin chose the faeries piece. I don't know what to think. I like all three to tell you the truth and could see myself doing all three if I just had the time. I need so much more work build up something more coherent...

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