Ready, Steady, Go!

Role call!

Science Fiction and Fantasy Art with Nick Janschigg is great! We get the assignment on Mondays and watch scifi and fantasy movies on Wednesdays! Could one ask for more? The subject matter is fun beyond belief and I plan to ask Nick more about getting into the genre because it feels like second nature to me... especially after Jon Foster's cover class last year. It's a saturated market though, and that obviously scares me.

Our 1st assignment was to make an alien and then put it in a setting to meet humans.

I chose a sort of horse creature that I devised. The story of it's origin revolves around the misuse of nanotechnology my a race of horse-like creatures that ultimately destroys their race and gives over power to an evolved technological collective which uses their bodies as hosts. Um, yeah.... feel free to ask me more because I practically have the script written out. Maybe I'd like to do a comic? Another time and place...

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