Editorial Finished Part Deux!

The pressure demon and his minions piece was chosen out of my sketches. Editorial Weekend of Doom was intense: 2hr color sketch, took way too long on preparing the final sketch on the paper but it was worth it as the acrylic adhered quite well when I began coloring. I was working on 300lb Fabriano paper which is incredibly sturdy (like killing a fly with a bazooka!), stretched on homosote with a finely sanded gesso surface. This is also excellent for oil painting and I'll be trying that out soon enough.
The finished sketch was an approximation of the original sketch (some characters came out looking better) and applied two matte medium coats with a generous sanding to lock in the graphite.
Again, this piece took about 18 hrs all in all. I need to get faster at this... I was pleased with the colors and animation of the image, although the composition lacks signifigantly. I believe it has to do with the sudden transition between the coal area on the left to the not quite so coal area on the right. Also, the big demon needs improvement. I am not leaving this piece behind, acrylics are one of the most forgiving mediums in the world.

Things to improve:
Transition of background, stalactights, shoulder of large demon is way too fat and touching tip of page, popping diamonds by decreasing "yellow hole" highlights,etc. (way too many), and adding depth to large demon via linework.

Winterbreak should help me resolve these issues and some more. My elves editorial for Plansponsor was published for the December issue! Unfortunately it got scratched at the printers when they were scanning it. Chris and Soojin say that its nothing to worry about though as it should be pretty easy to touch-up.
The demon was actually inspired by a sketch of mine. It is a demon character of sorts I'd love to animate:

My crit sketches with Master Nosney in fear:

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