So Fresh and so clean, clean...

Follow these people with confidence in your stories and characters:
Mary Blair, the queen goddess
Paul Dini, the writer god
Brad Bird, the animator god
Tim Schafer, the game god
Aurther Rackham, junior whimsy god
Winsor McCay, senior whimsy god

I am currently working on a ton of stuff and another $500 editorial competition assignment. Again, I am having mucho funo with this... sketches later. The magazine is Planadviser, similar to Plansponsor, and the assignment is for a section pertaining to new products, highlights and announcements called "Hot off the presses." SooJin Buzelli is the art director for this magazine also and she always has excellent illustrators in her mags, so I have to make this definitely up to par. I think Chris said it was akin to choosing candy in a candy store once in class.
I keep thinking about my love of colors in a marriage of line. Mostly line.
Finally getting around to posting the beginning of my grand Scarfgang comic:

some vague sketches, you can read them for spoilers if you want...

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