First Day: Advanced Projects w/ Lenny Long

Today I showed the project I was working on this summer as a preview of my method and style for my project: a large-scale screen with about 3 or more panels/divisions. Originally, I was thinking of making it a shoji screen, but it conflicts with the subject matter and western concept (fantasy characters and elements within a natural setting; loosely based on a hidden narrative that serves as a metaphor/allegory for the survival of being an outcast of society and finding your own path to enlightenment; somewhat menacing, somewhat playful). Perhaps my concept might lead into eastern beliefs, but for now it seems very western, especially because of my background. A good friend of mine mentioned Hieronymous Bosch and that sparked somewhat of a religious connotation for the work.
Basically, now I think I should strip the shoji screen of it's eastern aspects and utilize it for what I wanted in the first place: a novel sequential framing device that will allow my work to flow from one panel to the next. More to come, I have to do sketches.
Here's the summer project at stage 2 presently:

Somewhat of a difference from last time.

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