Recent Work

A more evolved adaption of my style involves just going over the pencil work with careful oil paint glazes. I usually draw out my composition, etc. with graphite, spray it with crystal clear and then start right away. I mix up a simple glaze of my color mixed with galkyd and gamsol, wait for it to get a little sticky and then apply it to the areas I want. While the glaze is still wet, I start applying lighter or darker tones (titanium white, lead white, or a mixed black) to my liking so it mixes in with the glaze color.
There is something to be said in the perfume of a woodland nymph, blah, blah...

I absolutely must commend one of my heros, Dave Cooper, for posting some photos of his work process up at his blog/website: http://www.davegraphics.com as most of my recent understanding of technique is based off his know-how and skill. I also love his concepts.... hats off to wierd and wacky babes.

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