Recent Work

Something I've been doing in my spare time during the summer is promotional work: free assignments that sort of display technique and talent and interests, etc., etc. Basically, it's personal art.
Practically everyday, after work, I set up my stuff on the 2nd floor of the RISD Illustration Building and continue to refine existing projects that I have in my lockers (I've taken liberty here considering no one else uses them over the summer). I listen to music and talk to my friend, Justin Wolfson, who's also taken up the cause. By the way, here's a link to a site with some of his work: http://gallery.ksilebo.com/jwolfson
The current theme of my work evolved from "weird and deformed nude women in forest settings" into a broader sense: "women in various strange environments with creatures." Sounds nice and simple. Anyway, here's a little something I've cooked up for you:
Graphite sketch on gessoed masonite:

Added inkwork and acrylic washes

Experimentation in next step (probably oil glazes) by photoshop alteration:

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